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We may also perform a frenectomy if needed. A frenectomy is the surgical removal of the piece of soft tissue, called a frenum, that connects the lips to the gums. This is done in cases when the frenum is too long or too strong and restricts movement in the mouth. This can cause difficulties with speech, and the awkward mouth movements can lead to stripping away layers of gum tissue and making your gums more susceptible to infection and periodontal disease.

Fortunately, a frenectomy is a simple outpatient procedure. After a dose of anesthesia to numb the area, the problem frenum can be removed via a quick surgery. It takes little time, and has a drastic improvement on your quality of life. Drs. Chip and Jennifer are well-experienced in performing frenectomies. If you think you might benefit from a frenectomy, contact Parrish Dentistry today.

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